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  • Vegas Sphere Imposes, Then Lifts, Ban on Phish Bong-Ripper Juni 15, 2024
    An avid Phish fan’s bid for stoner glory on 4/20 made him the first — and probably last — person to take a bong hit in the Las Vegas Sphere. Instagram user @acid_farts, whose real name is undisclosed in media reports about this incident, uploaded a video of himself sucking pot smoke into his lungs […]
    Corey Levitan
  • Owners Secretly Selling Las Vegas Cannabis Hotel Juni 15, 2024
    The owners of Las Vegas’ first “cannabis-forward” hotel want to puff, puff, pass it to someone else. Elevations Hotel and Resorts has listed the Lexi for an undisclosed price via the commercial realtor Paramount Lodging Advisors. Failures are never announced in corporate press releases. Fortunately,’s own Vital Vegas blog got word of the listing […]
    Corey Levitan
  • Atlantic City Kicks off Summer Season Strong, May Casino Revenue Climbs Five Percent Juni 15, 2024
    Atlantic City's 2024 summer season got off to a strong start in May. The post Atlantic City Kicks off Summer Season Strong, May Casino Revenue Climbs Five Percent appeared first on
    Devin O'Connor

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  • The Ledger: Terraform settlement, Philippines crackdown, parlays Juni 14, 2024
    It’s been another packed week in the crypto gambling world and The Ledger is here once again to recap the week’s biggest stories. First off, Terraform Labs hit the headlines for the first time in a while having reached an eyewatering $4.47bn settlement with the US Securities and Exchange Commission after it’s high-profile bankruptcy in […]
  • Philippines toughens crackdown on illegal crypto gambling sites Juni 14, 2024
    The Philippines announced on Thursday that it had been able to identify what could be between 250-300 illegal offshore gambling firms operating in the country, a number far exceeding that of regulated operators, some 46 right now. The police has habitually warned about crypto gambling scams, too. PAGCOR, the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corp, has […]
  • Biden campaign warms up to accepting crypto donations Juni 14, 2024
    As the US presidential election approaches, the incumbent President Joe Bind finds himself in an unenviable position, falling behind in national polls and looking at a narrow win over his boisterous opponent, the former US President Donald Trump – best case scenario. The odds, however, do not favor Biden’s reelection bid according to Polymarket who […]